U.S. Government is still a Swamp!

Competent organizations have structure.  The U.S. Government is suppose to be based on the structured plan outlined in the U.S. Constitution.  There is nothing quasi-outdated about it; only the mere ignorance of our own elected politicians and general citizenry in ignoring it at their own demise.

The structure is quite simple for anyone who takes the time to read it.  Our federal government was created ONLY to manage the States.  That’s IT!  The federal government was created to protect the States from foreign or domestic invasion, manage State-to-State conflicts, provide a central path to foreign trade and ensure State Laws didn’t violate human rights.

The federal government was NEVER created to entitle citizens or make citizen specific law and agendas.  The wording is clear as day, “Nor shall any State”…..  The federal government manages states (PERIOD!).

Our federal government, like any business employee or person who has lost their purpose, is instead running around trying to be helpful at everyone else’s job of which they are NOT trained, equipped, educated or even outfitted to do properly.  As such; the attempt proves every-time to be a disaster.

This approach also entirely destroys the concept of Representation; which coincidentally is the very reason for the Revolutionary War to begin with.  When 98% of the States citizenry are making a decision that directly affects every 2% State citizens the calamity of voices tramples any thought of proper representation.  It becomes no different than how the British from far away trampled and ran over any thought of Representation of the Colonial citizens.

The U.S. Government and its citizens needs to stop this path of communistic thinking at their own demise and return to the brilliant structure outlined in the U.S. Constitution.  Our fathers have already been were we are heading – history doesn’t have to repeat itself.

Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation


  • The occupiers are of the religion L.D.S. (IE. Mormon) who are well known for their non-criminal and peaceful nature.  While their religious headquarters do not endorse their armed occupation they remain active in the church.
  • The occupational protest was ignited by two ranchers (Hammond’s) who were prosecuted, sentenced and then later re-sentenced; upon charges of a back-burn used to save their ranch and home from an on-coming wildfire that burned into federal land.
  • The demands of the occupying protesters are that federal land be handed over to the state and the Hammond ranchers are released from prison.


  • The protesting occupiers claim federal land ownership for land preservation is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution by any enumerated power (IE. The Constitutional powers granted to the U.S. Government).



  • The U.S. under trust was to setup the state republic and extenquish those lands back
    to the state.

    • http://www.heritage.org/constitution/#!/articles/4/essays/127/claims“to whom of right belonged the vacant territory appertaining to the crown at the time of the revolution, whether to the states, within whose charter territory it was situated, or to the Union in its federative capacity” was “a subject of long and ardent controversy, and…threatened to disturb the peace, if not to overthrow the government of the Union.” To avert a potential crisis, Madison successfully proposed that the Convention should be “neutral and fair” and “ought to go farther and declare that the claims of particular States also should not be affected.”


  • The U.S. failed to extinguish those lands and is now blatantly holding them hostage



State Legislature Requesting land that has passed into State Law

State Legislature Requesting land wither passed or failed





Clearing up the Abortion Debate


  1. Roe v. Wade supreme court hearing announced ‘fetal viability’ as the beginning of life.  Which is the ability of a fetus to survive outside the uterus.  Yes; This includes all modern day medical advances. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fetal_viability
  2. At 21-weeks or less; a fetus CANNOT be turned into a human.  There is 0% probability of saving a life and as such does NOT institute a person needing saved.
  3. Roe v. Wade allowed the STATE legislative system to defend that now-child within the woman after the ‘fetal viability’ stage.
  4. The Pro-Life movement was initiated by the Catholic Church. (IE. religion)


Any abortion law should be lobbied to the STATE not FEDERAL.  Lobbying that organs, cells or anything else that has 0% probability of saving life is chaos to say the least and can only be justified with religious over-tones/beliefs.  The U.S. Government is not meant to resemble “sharia law”, so keep your religion out of politics.


When considering STATE level powers on abortion consider:

  1. The life of that child/fetus is entirely dependent on being inside a grown persons body.  Announcing legislature that requires the mother to serve with her own body that life-support is flirting with the most endearing powers of body enslavement.  It can easily be equivocated to the same loss of liberty as human trafficking and/or legalized rape.
  2. The debate is whether one life (which cannot walk, talk, read, write or even understand the gift of human life) on “life-support” can super-impose its “right to life” over the liberty of its mother’s body .

When all the smoke clears and religious theories are cut-out.  The logical answer is that the power to sacrifice one life existing “inside” another’s personal and private body is far too personal to be handed over to legislative governments (Bureaucrats).

Let us, as a whole, not take judgment on gods territory of the unborn and accept that each to their own-will on private personal matters.  We are not gods; leave godly territory to gods own judgement.

Post 1900+ Feminism is a Sexist Thief

Once upon a time birth occurred; Some were born with penises and some with vaginas and with those natural elements came an epidemic of political debate and entitlement.

The Cause;  An inalienable natural process that cannot be changed.

The Effect;  A sure and consistent *FOCUS* that can never be eliminated.

As with any inalienable item, its only use is *LEVERAGE* to change other non-inalienable items.  In political circles the more *FOCUS* it gets the more *LEVERAGE* it becomes.  Feminism is “empowering women”.  The phrase uses the inalienable item (Women) as leverage to the non-inalienable item (Power).  Power is the debate and *SEXISM* is the leverage.  Power is the ability to act or produce effects.

1)  Contrary to popular belief; Women have (as far back as I researched) been able to own property, conduct business, work, keep and manage their *OWN EARNINGS*.  However; In England, 1100 A.D.;  A legal belief ( called coverture ) put married men and women under “one financial entity” where the male became the “Head of the household”.  This law soon escalated into a power struggle between the men and women whom have *ACCEPTED* a legal marriage and as a result;  the **CORRUPTED** view that women are property of their husbands emerges.  ( http://www.theguardian.com/money/us-money-blog/2014/aug/11/women-rights-money-timeline-history ).  This corrupted view opens the door to the feminist movement announcing the slogan “empowering women” but isn’t specific enough to say “empowering married women”.  The all-to-generic slogan of course invites *ALL* women to jump onto the band-wagon claiming the victim and inequality (“male entitlement / privilege / dominance”) anytime and anywhere a male or plethora of males exist (IE. sexism).

2)  Since women have always had free market rights – The plethora of males in the free market resources is attributed to “gender-roles” and labelled as being “sexist”.  However, its quite apparent this was *NOT* a legal or dominance system (short of nature) that made gender-roles as it is so massively encouraged by advocates.  Gender-roles are observed in every life species on the planet.  While women have *chosen* to focus their workmanship towards nurturing other humans, Men have *chosen* to focus their workmanship to their environment (IE. free market resources) and as a result men have *COINCIDENTALLY* ended up *EARNING* a mass-majority of resources on the free market while women have ended up with other humans which *COINCIDENTALLY* claimed their own legal ownership/entity at the age of 18.  In other-words; human nurturing doesn’t yield ownership or entitlement to market resources because “slavery” is a big no-no.

3)  In a “free” market;  Value is a reflection of supply and demand.  When any person becomes dis-appointed in their own ability to produce desired market value (IE. market power = creating an effect on the market) in obtaining resources;  it becomes far *EASIER* to advocate (IE. build public support) for *legally forced* sharing of market resources (IE. “equality”) using an inalienable *LEVERAGE*.  Instead of working with the free market by creating opportunity and value; one can *TAKE* of the resources already in place based on public support of socialistic *legal* changes that *ENTITLES* inalienable characteristics to market resources.  The difference being “play the victim” or “advertise the value”.

Finding the path of least resistance to obtain resources, desires and to sustain life is what separates humans from the rest of living species.  When the “play the victim” is used to *TAKE* resources and encourage socialistic law it weakens free market principles; such as personal freedom, liberty, ownership, accountability and responsibility.  Socialistic empires *don’t* acknowledge personal property/ownership or rights.  What use to be “your earnings” becomes a collectively “ours” and now is legally conditioned on “sharing” those with a particular % of females at a particular % of wage with a particular % of paid leave.  Making such items *legal* items removes the free market variable of value.

Activists blowing secondhand smoke all over a vulnerable “preference rights” society

Secondhand – Accepting on another “authority” and nor from an ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION.

Smoke (countable) – A fleeting illusion; something insubstantial, evanescent, unreal, transitory or without result. (Wiktionary)

The evidence shows that the only ones “blowing secondhand smoke” into societies faces are the tobacco-free activists.


“These stories suggest a willingness of influential anti-tobacco activists, including academics, to hurt legitimate scientists and turn epidemiology into junk science in order to further their agendas. “


Today; the strongest studies linking secondhand smoke and tobacco harm are case-control studies; meaning the person with the disease determines on their own reporting whether passive smoke was the root cause.

But none of that really matters, Patel says, because the main goal of smoking bans was “to change societal behavior” by stigmatizing smoking, making it less convenient and less socially acceptable.


“The warning that “secondhand smoke kills,” with lung cancer as the paradigmatic example, played an important role in the debate over government-imposed smoking bans. By raising the stakes, it helped transform a complaint into a right, so that people annoyed by tobacco smoke now felt justified in demanding that it be eliminated everywhere they might want to go, including other people’s property. As another expert quoted in the JNCI article puts it, ”We’ve gotten smoking out of bars and restaurants on the basis of the fact that you and I and other nonsmokers don’t want to die. The reality is, we probably won’t.” Now they tell us. “


“There is evidence in the record supporting the accusation that EPA ‘cherry picked’ its data” … “EPA’s excluding nearly half of the available studies directly conflicts with EPA’s purported purpose for analyzing the epidemiological studies and conflicts with EPA’s Risk Assessment Guidelines” (p. 72)


“Workplace bans are not associated with statistically significant short-term declines in mortality or hospital admissions for myocardial infarction or other diseases.”


“the lung cancer death rate for black males was more than 36% than for white males”…..”even though the peak prevalence of smoking among black males in that cohort never achieved that of white males”…”The reason for this disparity in lung cancer death rates is not clear. Differences in smoking behavior other than prevalence may play a role, such as the type of cigarette smoked”.(pg 95)

Graphs on pg 99 show increases in lung cancer rates with a large decrease in smoking rates among black & white males. “As smoking rates converged for white & black females in later cohorts, lung cancer deaths rates remained the approximately equivalent”…”despite lower smoking rates among black females, may AGAIN suggest a lung cancer risk that is NOT attributable to smoking.”(pg 108).


“Lung cancer mortality of our Japanese sample was lower among current smokers and higher among non-smokers regardless of age and sex.”


“There is evidence in the record supporting the accusation that EPA ‘cherry picked’ its data” … “EPA’s excluding nearly half of the available studies directly conflicts with EPA’s purported purpose for analyzing the epidemiological studies and conflicts with EPA’s Risk Assessment Guidelines” (p. 72)


“So, why did public health officials base their case on this weak evidence?”


The oldest living person ever recorded – smoked from 21 to 117 yrs old.

“60% of lung cancer patients are NOT SMOKERS”

Child Support, Feminism and The Rape Culture

I had a friend once (we’ll call him Fred) who was approached by another friend (we’ll call him Sam).  Sam once claimed that Fred owed him money for new tires he needed to put on his motorcycle.

Fred of course was confused, “Why do I owe you money so you can put tires on your motorcycle?”

Sam replied, “Because I let you ride it.”

Fred replied, “So you mean to tell me —

1) I don’t own your motorbike

2) You emphatically choose who gets to ride it

3) When you allow me to ride it I owe you money for something you volunteered?”

Sam replies, “Of course – what did you think?  Did you think Just because I volunteered to let you drive it that I was letting you do it for free?”


We all know stories of this nature and to many of us it may seem a bit off; but when it comes to child support; this is exactly the same episode played out in the legal system.  There seems to be this consistency that women emphatically contain all ownership of matters regarding their body, pregnancy and children while demanding payment for an act that was volunteered in the first place.

This stance implies the “rape culture”.  One in which entitlement has gotten so far out of hand that the act of two persons of opposite sex having sex is treated like rape by one side.  This is the same lunacy as saying that even though Sam volunteered to allow Fred to take his motorcycle for a spin; he actually “stole” it and now needs to pay up for damages done to HIS property.

Will the world ever *really* treat women with equality?  As they say, “Woman up” – take responsibility for your actions and that would mean emphatically protesting child support laws.

Males and Females Outlined

If you tell me where you get your sense of importance; I’ll tell you who you are.”

  • Females – center their lives around
    • Superficial Inclusion Extremely Shallow – lives in a superficial world – everything is about “social” value
      • Image is Everything — Very sensitive about “fitting in” to society (IE. superficial items like social prejudices, norms and others opinions / clicks and fads )
        • Self-Objectification — Want to feel like a deserving prize by others through sexual objectification. (Men are from Mars… pg 34; “She deserves it.”)
        • Tidy Cats — Image is everything and thus presentation is everything
        • Superficial values — Value is what others think; This is why females tend to desire taken men that someone else has or wants (IE. Mr. Popularity)
        • Self-Image — Overly concerned with how they physically “look” to others
    • Social Attention Self-Esteem is largely based on “social” attention
      • Drama — Sleeping with mysterious men and being fickle creates drama that gives them attention
      • Affection — Suckers for charm and affection; Love = “All you can eat” buffet of affection
      • Cherished — Desires others to be devoted to them – adored – prized – possessed – cling’ed to – fostered – nurtured with high value
      • Nurture — Looking after / caring for / support and encouraging growth or development of others
    • Sexual Gratification — Relates and justifies anything and everything to be about sex – Entirely believing sex is the ONLY value in the world
      • Attention Whores — Using sex as their primary value to meet their own desires of inclusion.
      • Shallow Sex Selection — Decides within 5-seconds based on “image” (social norms) which group the other person fits into
        • Selection Groups A VERY distinct line exists between groups; Sex isn’t related to love at all
        • 1-5 — NO Group — Nothing this group does is okay. They are naturally labeled as “sexual creeps” by default. They are of no use.
        • 6-8 — Provider Group — Group to be taken for granite through self-serving manipulation (IE. Free Lunch)
        • 8-10 — Sex Group — Sex with this group at anytime; on the 1st night or ASAP; Even while in a relationship without discretion or guilt
    • Self-Serving Manipulation — Being provided (survival & wealth) by others; Men manipulate things to do their bidding; Women manipulate men to do their bidding
      • Manipulation — Sly, scheming; Unscrupulous (no moral principles; dis-honest and UN-fair) control of a situation or other person
      • Cake and Eat too — Sex with the Sex Group; Provided for by the Provider Group (IE. Friends-Zone) – Distinct Line between groups
      • Egotism — Maintains an ego through “back-burner friends” that are being fed traces/hints of deceptive intentions
      • Manipulation Steps
        • 1 – Interest / Deceptive Intentions Pretends to be interested; compliments, flatters, flirts through sharing intimacy or casual sex.
        • 2 – Exploits / Pity-me Hints at need; Begs, hints or share stories towards something that is wanted or needed.
          • Insultive — Exploit Uses personal insults to make the other “Fix-It-type” person work harder at giving them what they want.
          • Nice-Guy Exploit — “I want a nice-guy”; Basically stating that more providers are needed to fulfill their needs / wants
          • Hard To Get — Plays Hard-To-Get as a way to drive the other person to provide even more on their behalf
        • 3 – Aloof / Friend-Zoning After exploiting and getting; Becomes distant and cold (IE. Isolation)
          • Sex Justification — Claims the provider is inadequate, smothering, desperate or “just trying to get in my pants for their own justification”
        • 4 – Fickle Feeding / Collecting — Remains Aloof while collecting & exploiting the others efforts (One person adds “fix-it” bolts while the other removes them)
          • Serve-me — Manipulation cycle by holding the other person accountable to try and “fix” the UN-fixable situation
          • Manipulation re-run — If more feed is wanted or needed return to #1 and repeat
    • Avoiding Emotional Pain — Avoids any situation that involves self-improvement or realization (IE. Never wrong)
      • Isolation Fears — Being excluded from friends
      • Sex Group Rejection — When rejected by the opposite sex in group 8-10; the label “player” / “hoe” is used for justification
      • Vindictively Competitive — Indirect aggression; Turns mean when jealous / threatened (rumors, back-stabbing, “mean girls”, social exclusion, gossiping, cattiness)
      • Failed Manipulation — Becomes very revengeful and bitter when manipulation isn’t successful or called out on.
        • Every justification will be about sex
        • Will instantly sleep with other men out of pure revenge or quick-fix to their unsuccessful manipulation. IE. “Shes on the rebound”
        • Blame game begins in which the manipulator tries to twist reality and blame the other person for not allowing them to be exploited
  • Males – center their lives around
    • Worth Pride Extremely Prideful – lives in a competitive worth-status world (IE. Superiority) – Everything is about abilities
      • Ability is Everything — Very sensitive about being “useful” and/or providing worth (IE. Items pertaining to Quality and Quantity)
        • Wealth & Independence — The ability to support themselves and loved ones entirely
        • Knowledgeable — Know-How ability; Being right about situations; Ability to logically derive a solution (IE. Mechanical abilities)
        • Power / Control — Having the authority / ability to control, dominate and guide their environment to a desired outcome.
    • Sexual Confidence — Relates the act of sex to their own importance/superiority as being a desirable (IE. Adequate) sex partner
      • Competitive Sex Selection — Quantity (IE. Count) is often related to a males sexual desirability/confidence and/or superiority over their peers. (IE. Promiscuous)
        • Sex Count — Females tend to attract themselves to the promiscuously “confident” male who has many sex partners
        • Superiority Sex — Often has sex with a peers girlfriend or wife in an attempt to “one-up” their male peers and feel superior
        • Quality of Sex — Prideful about the “quality” of their own sexual satisfaction concerning that of a partner or sexual encounter
        • Quality of Mate — Prideful about the quality of a partner (IE. Peer-Desirability / Virtuous)
    • Admiration — A general recognition and respect for their abilities, qualities and/or achievements.
      • Sexually Desirable — To be desired by the opposite sex in the eyes of their male peers
      • Dignity — Taken seriously; A sense of pride in oneself; Self-respect. Noble. , majestic
      • Virtue — Behavior showing high moral standards; righteousness, integrity, decency, goodness
      • Fairness — Quality of being fair; free from prejudices, biases and UN-justness
      • Honorable — Honest, moral, ethical, principled and right-minded
      • Generous — Showing kindness or a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected.
    • Biggest Fears
      • Inadequate – Abilities and/or Qualities that are not mutually rewarded / admired ( a man seeing clearly will wisen up and dismiss them)
      • Rejection by the opposite sex in front of peers labels him as inadequate – its a huge hit to the very substance in the world they live
      • Disrespect – Male revenge is done by showing disrespect for the other person (IE. peeing on floors, butt on things)
  • Summary
    • Females
      • Judge others on their “social image” of inclusion (IE. what other think of them); Males judge others on their “ability” and qualities.
      • Females differ from males due to there deep desire to be included (IE. “fitting-in”) which is by definition superficial.
      • The “Obese epidemic” is a result of “fat” guys being socially acceptable breeding partners thus making more fat kids
      • Females tend to decide on a suitable sex partner in five seconds = Physical looks / social image is the beginning and the end of the entire sex story
      • I have to be attracted”, Female Phrase = Image based. Personality doesn’t matter and does not change the “image” she has of you.
      • Believes anyone who tells them they deserve better
    • Males
      • In recent decades many males have started replicating female traits – lack of fathers in the home?
      • Manipulative men pout and/or tries to FORCE/CONTROL their manipulation process – focus minded (IE. Why guys are stupid to women; men are primitive at manipulation)
      • Men listen to their feelings; Women listen to everything BUT their feelings (They listen to other peoples feelings – Inclusion)

Your world and my world – Hello.

I’ve always been interested in sharing my own thoughts with others but often wonder if others would be interested in hearing my thoughts.  I guess there seems to be a human desire to be heard, noticed and for probably many of us – the desire to think of ourselves as a benefit to others in some form or another.

If there is one thing I enjoy more than anything is the comments from real people in the discussion section.  I find that many of us here in the world tend to have ideas that usually go above and beyond anything published in mass media.  I find it difficult to understand how we have “freedom of press” while it seems easily recognized that mass media always publishes and copies the same cookie-cutter stories over and over again leaving only the internet to really dig into the heart of matters.

This may be how I feel about the press but it isn’t “my world”.  It is “your world” at the moment because you are the one reading this article from your perspective.  That however is what I’m very interested in is “your perspective”.  We all have different backgrounds, ethic principles, learned experiences and desires.  For me, the comment section is one of the very few places a person can go to get a feel for various opinions, stories and perspectives in hopes to understand each others points of view and analyze our own points of view with extra bandwidth 🙂

I will be writing a lot about human characteristics including environmental influences, common differences between males and females, political concerns and general articles in hopes to share and enlighten “your world” with my own thoughts (IE. “my world”).  Generally these articles will include smoking bans, feminism and government / work politics.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.