Clearing up the Abortion Debate


  1. Roe v. Wade supreme court hearing announced ‘fetal viability’ as the beginning of life.  Which is the ability of a fetus to survive outside the uterus.  Yes; This includes all modern day medical advances. See
  2. At 21-weeks or less; a fetus CANNOT be turned into a human.  There is 0% probability of saving a life and as such does NOT institute a person needing saved.
  3. Roe v. Wade allowed the STATE legislative system to defend that now-child within the woman after the ‘fetal viability’ stage.
  4. The Pro-Life movement was initiated by the Catholic Church. (IE. religion)


Any abortion law should be lobbied to the STATE not FEDERAL.  Lobbying that organs, cells or anything else that has 0% probability of saving life is chaos to say the least and can only be justified with religious over-tones/beliefs.  The U.S. Government is not meant to resemble “sharia law”, so keep your religion out of politics.


When considering STATE level powers on abortion consider:

  1. The life of that child/fetus is entirely dependent on being inside a grown persons body.  Announcing legislature that requires the mother to serve with her own body that life-support is flirting with the most endearing powers of body enslavement.  It can easily be equivocated to the same loss of liberty as human trafficking and/or legalized rape.
  2. The debate is whether one life (which cannot walk, talk, read, write or even understand the gift of human life) on “life-support” can super-impose its “right to life” over the liberty of its mother’s body .

When all the smoke clears and religious theories are cut-out.  The logical answer is that the power to sacrifice one life existing “inside” another’s personal and private body is far too personal to be handed over to legislative governments (Bureaucrats).

Let us, as a whole, not take judgment on gods territory of the unborn and accept that each to their own-will on private personal matters.  We are not gods; leave godly territory to gods own judgement.


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