Your world and my world – Hello.

I’ve always been interested in sharing my own thoughts with others but often wonder if others would be interested in hearing my thoughts.  I guess there seems to be a human desire to be heard, noticed and for probably many of us – the desire to think of ourselves as a benefit to others in some form or another.

If there is one thing I enjoy more than anything is the comments from real people in the discussion section.  I find that many of us here in the world tend to have ideas that usually go above and beyond anything published in mass media.  I find it difficult to understand how we have “freedom of press” while it seems easily recognized that mass media always publishes and copies the same cookie-cutter stories over and over again leaving only the internet to really dig into the heart of matters.

This may be how I feel about the press but it isn’t “my world”.  It is “your world” at the moment because you are the one reading this article from your perspective.  That however is what I’m very interested in is “your perspective”.  We all have different backgrounds, ethic principles, learned experiences and desires.  For me, the comment section is one of the very few places a person can go to get a feel for various opinions, stories and perspectives in hopes to understand each others points of view and analyze our own points of view with extra bandwidth 🙂

I will be writing a lot about human characteristics including environmental influences, common differences between males and females, political concerns and general articles in hopes to share and enlighten “your world” with my own thoughts (IE. “my world”).  Generally these articles will include smoking bans, feminism and government / work politics.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.


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