Child Support, Feminism and The Rape Culture

I had a friend once (we’ll call him Fred) who was approached by another friend (we’ll call him Sam).  Sam once claimed that Fred owed him money for new tires he needed to put on his motorcycle.

Fred of course was confused, “Why do I owe you money so you can put tires on your motorcycle?”

Sam replied, “Because I let you ride it.”

Fred replied, “So you mean to tell me —

1) I don’t own your motorbike

2) You emphatically choose who gets to ride it

3) When you allow me to ride it I owe you money for something you volunteered?”

Sam replies, “Of course – what did you think?  Did you think Just because I volunteered to let you drive it that I was letting you do it for free?”


We all know stories of this nature and to many of us it may seem a bit off; but when it comes to child support; this is exactly the same episode played out in the legal system.  There seems to be this consistency that women emphatically contain all ownership of matters regarding their body, pregnancy and children while demanding payment for an act that was volunteered in the first place.

This stance implies the “rape culture”.  One in which entitlement has gotten so far out of hand that the act of two persons of opposite sex having sex is treated like rape by one side.  This is the same lunacy as saying that even though Sam volunteered to allow Fred to take his motorcycle for a spin; he actually “stole” it and now needs to pay up for damages done to HIS property.

Will the world ever *really* treat women with equality?  As they say, “Woman up” – take responsibility for your actions and that would mean emphatically protesting child support laws.


Males and Females Outlined

If you tell me where you get your sense of importance; I’ll tell you who you are.”

  • Females – center their lives around
    • Superficial Inclusion Extremely Shallow – lives in a superficial world – everything is about “social” value
      • Image is Everything — Very sensitive about “fitting in” to society (IE. superficial items like social prejudices, norms and others opinions / clicks and fads )
        • Self-Objectification — Want to feel like a deserving prize by others through sexual objectification. (Men are from Mars… pg 34; “She deserves it.”)
        • Tidy Cats — Image is everything and thus presentation is everything
        • Superficial values — Value is what others think; This is why females tend to desire taken men that someone else has or wants (IE. Mr. Popularity)
        • Self-Image — Overly concerned with how they physically “look” to others
    • Social Attention Self-Esteem is largely based on “social” attention
      • Drama — Sleeping with mysterious men and being fickle creates drama that gives them attention
      • Affection — Suckers for charm and affection; Love = “All you can eat” buffet of affection
      • Cherished — Desires others to be devoted to them – adored – prized – possessed – cling’ed to – fostered – nurtured with high value
      • Nurture — Looking after / caring for / support and encouraging growth or development of others
    • Sexual Gratification — Relates and justifies anything and everything to be about sex – Entirely believing sex is the ONLY value in the world
      • Attention Whores — Using sex as their primary value to meet their own desires of inclusion.
      • Shallow Sex Selection — Decides within 5-seconds based on “image” (social norms) which group the other person fits into
        • Selection Groups A VERY distinct line exists between groups; Sex isn’t related to love at all
        • 1-5 — NO Group — Nothing this group does is okay. They are naturally labeled as “sexual creeps” by default. They are of no use.
        • 6-8 — Provider Group — Group to be taken for granite through self-serving manipulation (IE. Free Lunch)
        • 8-10 — Sex Group — Sex with this group at anytime; on the 1st night or ASAP; Even while in a relationship without discretion or guilt
    • Self-Serving Manipulation — Being provided (survival & wealth) by others; Men manipulate things to do their bidding; Women manipulate men to do their bidding
      • Manipulation — Sly, scheming; Unscrupulous (no moral principles; dis-honest and UN-fair) control of a situation or other person
      • Cake and Eat too — Sex with the Sex Group; Provided for by the Provider Group (IE. Friends-Zone) – Distinct Line between groups
      • Egotism — Maintains an ego through “back-burner friends” that are being fed traces/hints of deceptive intentions
      • Manipulation Steps
        • 1 – Interest / Deceptive Intentions Pretends to be interested; compliments, flatters, flirts through sharing intimacy or casual sex.
        • 2 – Exploits / Pity-me Hints at need; Begs, hints or share stories towards something that is wanted or needed.
          • Insultive — Exploit Uses personal insults to make the other “Fix-It-type” person work harder at giving them what they want.
          • Nice-Guy Exploit — “I want a nice-guy”; Basically stating that more providers are needed to fulfill their needs / wants
          • Hard To Get — Plays Hard-To-Get as a way to drive the other person to provide even more on their behalf
        • 3 – Aloof / Friend-Zoning After exploiting and getting; Becomes distant and cold (IE. Isolation)
          • Sex Justification — Claims the provider is inadequate, smothering, desperate or “just trying to get in my pants for their own justification”
        • 4 – Fickle Feeding / Collecting — Remains Aloof while collecting & exploiting the others efforts (One person adds “fix-it” bolts while the other removes them)
          • Serve-me — Manipulation cycle by holding the other person accountable to try and “fix” the UN-fixable situation
          • Manipulation re-run — If more feed is wanted or needed return to #1 and repeat
    • Avoiding Emotional Pain — Avoids any situation that involves self-improvement or realization (IE. Never wrong)
      • Isolation Fears — Being excluded from friends
      • Sex Group Rejection — When rejected by the opposite sex in group 8-10; the label “player” / “hoe” is used for justification
      • Vindictively Competitive — Indirect aggression; Turns mean when jealous / threatened (rumors, back-stabbing, “mean girls”, social exclusion, gossiping, cattiness)
      • Failed Manipulation — Becomes very revengeful and bitter when manipulation isn’t successful or called out on.
        • Every justification will be about sex
        • Will instantly sleep with other men out of pure revenge or quick-fix to their unsuccessful manipulation. IE. “Shes on the rebound”
        • Blame game begins in which the manipulator tries to twist reality and blame the other person for not allowing them to be exploited
  • Males – center their lives around
    • Worth Pride Extremely Prideful – lives in a competitive worth-status world (IE. Superiority) – Everything is about abilities
      • Ability is Everything — Very sensitive about being “useful” and/or providing worth (IE. Items pertaining to Quality and Quantity)
        • Wealth & Independence — The ability to support themselves and loved ones entirely
        • Knowledgeable — Know-How ability; Being right about situations; Ability to logically derive a solution (IE. Mechanical abilities)
        • Power / Control — Having the authority / ability to control, dominate and guide their environment to a desired outcome.
    • Sexual Confidence — Relates the act of sex to their own importance/superiority as being a desirable (IE. Adequate) sex partner
      • Competitive Sex Selection — Quantity (IE. Count) is often related to a males sexual desirability/confidence and/or superiority over their peers. (IE. Promiscuous)
        • Sex Count — Females tend to attract themselves to the promiscuously “confident” male who has many sex partners
        • Superiority Sex — Often has sex with a peers girlfriend or wife in an attempt to “one-up” their male peers and feel superior
        • Quality of Sex — Prideful about the “quality” of their own sexual satisfaction concerning that of a partner or sexual encounter
        • Quality of Mate — Prideful about the quality of a partner (IE. Peer-Desirability / Virtuous)
    • Admiration — A general recognition and respect for their abilities, qualities and/or achievements.
      • Sexually Desirable — To be desired by the opposite sex in the eyes of their male peers
      • Dignity — Taken seriously; A sense of pride in oneself; Self-respect. Noble. , majestic
      • Virtue — Behavior showing high moral standards; righteousness, integrity, decency, goodness
      • Fairness — Quality of being fair; free from prejudices, biases and UN-justness
      • Honorable — Honest, moral, ethical, principled and right-minded
      • Generous — Showing kindness or a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected.
    • Biggest Fears
      • Inadequate – Abilities and/or Qualities that are not mutually rewarded / admired ( a man seeing clearly will wisen up and dismiss them)
      • Rejection by the opposite sex in front of peers labels him as inadequate – its a huge hit to the very substance in the world they live
      • Disrespect – Male revenge is done by showing disrespect for the other person (IE. peeing on floors, butt on things)
  • Summary
    • Females
      • Judge others on their “social image” of inclusion (IE. what other think of them); Males judge others on their “ability” and qualities.
      • Females differ from males due to there deep desire to be included (IE. “fitting-in”) which is by definition superficial.
      • The “Obese epidemic” is a result of “fat” guys being socially acceptable breeding partners thus making more fat kids
      • Females tend to decide on a suitable sex partner in five seconds = Physical looks / social image is the beginning and the end of the entire sex story
      • I have to be attracted”, Female Phrase = Image based. Personality doesn’t matter and does not change the “image” she has of you.
      • Believes anyone who tells them they deserve better
    • Males
      • In recent decades many males have started replicating female traits – lack of fathers in the home?
      • Manipulative men pout and/or tries to FORCE/CONTROL their manipulation process – focus minded (IE. Why guys are stupid to women; men are primitive at manipulation)
      • Men listen to their feelings; Women listen to everything BUT their feelings (They listen to other peoples feelings – Inclusion)